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Offering professional massage & bodywork, integrative movement therapy, aerial fabric yoga, aerial conditioning, and aerial circus arts training.

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Wellness Menu of Services

Your treatment will be individualized so you can relax and enjoy the benefits of an experienced, professional muscular therapist. You're in Good hands.


Migraine Miracle© Cold Stone Therapy **NEW OFFERING!**

Private Mat Yoga/Movement Therapy Session
60min / 75min / 90min

deep Tissue Muscular Therapy
60min / 90min / 120min

Relaxation Massage
60min / 90min / 120min

Head/Neck/Shoulders massage
30min / 45min / 60min

Muscular Therapy/Sports massage
60min / 90min / 120min

Pre-natal massage
60min / 90min

Signature Hot Stone massage
60min / 90min / 120min

Thai Yoga Bodywork (Mat)
90min / 120min

Thai Yoga Bodywork (Table)
60min / 90min / 120min

Thai Foot Massage
45min / 60min

Foot Relaxology
30min / 45min / 60min

craniosacral therapy
45min / 60min / 90min

Online Schedule
Email Request:
Office Tel: (603) 361-8598

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